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2016年4月19日 (火)

YouTube著作権 逆侵害騒動 「著作権保護されたコンテンツ」の説明 4



Content ID system failure
It might sound slightly off-topic but it strongly relates to monetization. So, please be patient.

In my best knowledge, a piece of music in my video is misjudged by the system, again. The piece is a quote from a radio broadcast performance in 1976.
It was composed by a 19th century composer Johannes Brahms and can't be copyrighted anywhere.

The performance is not in the public domain yet, but I can't find any commercialization nor reference on the net. Therefore, I believe the piece of music is almost forgotten.
It must be mistaken for someone's commercialized "content" due to the system's identification failure. Just to make it clear, in the realm of classical music, quite a few pieces of performance by quite a few performers, both professional and amateur, both commercialized and just recorded without release, can sound quite similar because all the classical players tried to stick to the music score of the composer.

The content ID system is destined and prone to mistakes or failures because it just looks casually for matches to find duplicates of copyrighted materials. It is not designed professionally or legally-suitable for identifying or distinguishing by evaluating both matches and mismatches as in crime investigation.

Since YouTube Team conceals the misidentified content nor the copyright claimer, I have no evidence to  my argument above, but I have experienced plural cases of misunderstanding, taking months to shake off by mentioning obvious things in objection process.

All said, this is a case of copyright "invasion" of my work of video, which is a crime itself.
I am threatened to allow sharing my income with some deceiving claimer in hiding.

I do not understand why YouTube Team maintains such an error-prone system in classical music identification. It's too innocently unaware to give benefit to the big guys and unfair to us small and weak YouTube video creators.

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